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Vertex ThermoSens brochure GB


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Vertex ThermoSens 22 and 25 mm leaflet GB


Vertex QuickScan Service brochure NL


QuickScan Handterminal leaflet GB

Vertex Quint brochure GB


Vertex Quint brochure NL


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Vertex Quint Teeth Mould Chart GB


Bonding, Separation & Silicones leaflet GB


Premium Accessories leaflet GB


Precision Instruments leaflet GB


Vertex Alma Gauge leaflet GB

Products and Academy brochure GB


Acrylic Teeth leaflet GB


Cold-Curing Acrylics tray leaflet GB


Cold-Curing Acrylics cast leaflet GB


Cold-Curing Acrylics repair leaflet GB


Casting System leaflet GB


Heat-Curing Acrylics leaflet GB


Machineries leaflet GB


Baseplates, Waxes & LC Trays leaflet GB


Rotary Instruments leaflet GB


Polishing Assortment leaflet GB


High Gloss Assortment leaflet GB