Vertex PolyCure 25

With the Vertex™ PolyCure 25 pressure vessel you can control your polymerization process perfectly with all cold-curing acrylics like:

Vertex Castavaria Vertex Self-Curing
Vertex Castapress Vertex Implacryl Cold
Vertex Castaquick Vertex Trayplast
Vertex Castavite Vertex Orthoplast

The Vertex PolyCure 25 has an adjustable water level, fixed pressure of 2,5 bar and a constant water temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. With this pressure vessel you are able to polymerize up to 9 Vertex Castaflasks in one run! The machine has three fixed programs: 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Besides a countdown timer and an acoustical alarm function together with automatic pressure release