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Vertex Orthoplast

Production of orthodontic appliances using the dough technique
Production of orthodontic appliances using the spray-on technique

Vertex™ Orthoplast is a self polymerizing acrylic for orthodontic appliances. Its unique grain structure makes this acrylic suitable for the spray-on technique. Vertex Orthoplast powder is available in clear. In addition, an extensive range of colours (18) incorporated in the liquid in 250ml bottles available.
Technical specifications:
Dough time9 minutes
Working time6 minutes
Curing time20 minutes at 55°C and 2.5 bar
Mixing ratio by volume / parts by weight1 ml / 0.95 g liquid (monomer) 2.1 g powder (polymer)
Flexural strength64 MPa
Flexural modulus1985 MPa
Water sorption19.5 µg/mm3
Solubility0.8 µg/mm3

901 (red)
902 (yellow)
903 (blue)
904 (green)
907 (purple)
908 (turqoise)
909 (white)
910 (violet)
922 (clear)
923 (pinktone)

500 g
1.000 g
4.000 g
25.000 g
250 ml
5.000 ml