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Cold-Curing acrylics

Vertex Implacryl Cold

Repair of full and partial dentures
Relining of full and partial dentures
Extensions to dentures

Vertex™ Implacryl Cold is a cold-curing extra strong denture base material developed for relining and extensions of dentures. This acrylic must be polymerized in a pressure vessel like the Vertex PolyCure 25 or MultiCure.
Technical specifications:
Dough time5 minutes
Working time5 minutes
Curing time30 minutes at 55°C and 2.5 bar
Mixing ratio by volume / parts by weight1 ml / 0.95 g liquid (monomer)1.7 g powder (polymer)
Impact-resistance1.9 kJ/m2 notched
Flexural strength66 MPa
Flexural modulus2090 MPa
Water sorption27.3 µg/mm3
Solubility1.26 µg/mm3

* 5 (pink, veined)

150 g
1.000 g
75 ml
500 ml