Heat-Curing acrylics

Vertex Rapid Simplified

full dentures
partial dentures

Vertex™ Rapid Simplified is a heat-curing denture base material and forms a solid base for full and partial dentures. The pressing technique is the processing method for Rapid Simplified. This cadmium-free acrylic has a rapid 20 minutes polymerisation cycle (also overnight polymerisation is possible). Flask to be put in boiling water. Authentic pressing technique course is educated at the Vertex Dental Academy by using Vertex Rapid Simplified.
Technical specifications:
Dough time15 minutes
Working time30 minutes
Curing time20 minutes at 100°C
Mixing ratio by volume / parts by weight1 ml / 0.95 g liquid (monomer) 2.3 g powder (polymer)
Impact-resistance11.3 kJ/m2
Flexural strength85.2 MPa
Flexural modulus2367 MPa
Water sorption22.5 µg/mm3
Solubility0.11 µg/mm3

* 1 (pale pink)
* 2 (pink opaque)
* 3 (translucent pink)
* 4 (clear)
* 5 (pink, veined)
* 6 (dark pink, veined)
* 7 (blue-pink, veined)
* 8 (blue-pink)
* 10 (translucent pink, veined)

500 g
1.000 g
4.000 g
25.000 g
250 ml
1.000 ml
5.000 ml