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Construction of the new Vertex-Dental B.V. headquarters has started.

As previously announced, Vertex-Dental and Nextdent shall be moving into new headquarters next year.

Today construction of the new headquarters of Vertex-Dental and Nextdent offically started in Soesterberg.
All employees of Vertex-Dental and Nextdent were present to commemorate this moment together.
Directors Mr. Rik Jacobs and Mrs. Connie Peterse lead all the Vertex and Nextdent employees in a toast of the new office building.


Mr. Rik Jacobs later dug out the first part of what will later become the loading dock.





17 Sep 2016 - Nomination video Best Performing Employer Awards 2016
Vertex-Dental has been nominated for the Best Performing Employer Awards 2016
10 Jun 2016 - ThermoSens and Acrylic Training held at HSH in Sydney
A two day training session for the technicians, customers and sales team from HSH in Sydney. The trainings were given our international trainer...
24 Aug 2015 - Castapress & ThermoSens trainings in Jakarta, Indonesia
This month several trainings were given in Jakarta focussed on poring and injection techniques.
17 Jul 2015 - New Vertex-Dental Lab Jackets
The new Vertex-Dental lab jackets arrived this morning!
02 Jun 2015 - PDA Convention 2015 (Phil. Dental Ass. Convention) in the Philippines
On 11 th till 16 th of May 2015, the PDA took place in the Philippines.
12 May 2015 - Progression images from our new headquarters in Soesterberg
At the beginning of 2016 Vertex-Dental will be fully operational in its new HQ in Soesterberg, The Netherlands.
21 Apr 2015 - ThermoSens seminar in Osaka, Japan
Thermosens seminar was held in Osaka at the training center of our distributor Dentalead on 29 th of March 2015.
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