Frequently asked questions

The product is not fully injected.

Ensure correct injection temperature. Ensure correct pressure.

Not fully injected clasps. Model the clasps thicker.
Bite raising. Use less Vertexª Putty 1:1, make a thin layer of putty.
Tooth becomes loose. Use at least 0.10 cm cutter for the preparation of the T-joint. Prepare a T-joint in the tooth. Clean the T-joint with boiling water. Ensure correct injection temperature.
Plaster remnants on plastic. Remove thin edges. Improve separation method.
Discoloration of product after injection. Ensure correct injection temperature (290°C). Ensure correct pre-heating time (18 min).
Material has become brittle after injection. Ensure correct injection temperature. Ensure correct annealing proces.
Shrinkage. Ensure correct injection temperature. Ensure correct annealing proces.
Embedding plaster expands from flask. Ensure use of at least Class III gypsum for embedding.

The gel becomes crumbly. Gel is a waterbased product. The water vapourises each time when you use it. When you use the gel pour half a cup of water every time you use it.
Gel ages quickly. After 15 to 20 times of useage you must replace the gel, you can keep track of the number of use by marking it on the lid of the bucket.
After pouring there are air bubbles. Check the gel melting machine whether it is properly set, check every week with a thermometer if the temperature is in order.
The teeth do not remain in position. Use a pinpoint of glue to secure the teeth.

The denture that is poured is retracted from the gypsum model. Check the important steps in the pouring proces like the cooling down period of the gel, the mixing ratio, the dough time 6 to 8 minutes (depending of the material that is used), Check the temperature, the degrees of the machine and the pressure.
The acrylic is not pourable and turns too hard too quick. Check the temperature of the laboratory. The higher the temperature of the lab the faster the materials turns hard. Keep the liquid in the regfrigerator, this will lengthen the pouring time.
Color differences with repairs. Repair Castapress & Castavaria with Castaquick, Rapid Simplified with Self Curing.
Allergies. Use Regular without an accelerator system or a transparant. Patients can be allergic to the color pigments which are used in the acrylic or allergic to the fibers. Polymerise as long as possible so the restmonomer is as low as possible. After polymerization place the denture in a bowl of water for a period of time.
Teeth fall out of the denture. Use a frais to make retention to the elements and use a bonding agent like Acrybond.
High Impact for dentures on implants. Implacryl is more solid and more resistant (up to 50% power absorbing) than conventional acrylics. Therefore it is very suitable for dentures based on implants or root remains.
It takes a long time to cure the acrylic when a tooth is added. You can use Self Curing Quick Set for a fast setting.
Cleaning instructions for acrylic made dentures. Use a cleaning agent that consists of only natural products , Vertex Proclean.
Porosity. Wrong mixing ration.
Polution of the gypsum model.
The use of wax detergents during cleaning of the gypsum models.
Trouble with replacing the teeth in the gel. Check the pouring temperature of the gel.
You can glue the elements with a pinpoint of super glue in the gel.
Place the flask in water till the right level.
The denture retracts from the model directly after the polymerisation cycle (cold-curing acrylics). The polymerisation cycle has been interupted (loss of pressure).
There was no bench cooling after the polymerisation cycle.
Airbubbles in the denture. The model was not enough saturated.
The model was made too dry (with the airhose) prior to the separation.
Whitening of the denture. The acrylic dough is contaminated with water (by hand or through the model.
Incorrect mixing ratio.

LC Trayplates
Light Curing tray's are sticky. Clean them with alcohol or monomer (only on the outside) or you can put LC gloss on the tray and light cure this. The stickyness on the inside is necessary for the bonding to impression material.

White layer on the denture. Separate the model with pure Divosep, the product is on an alginate / water base. Let it air dry (do not use compressed air).
Divosep smells. Never put Divosep back in the bottle only use small quantities.