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The success of the past year may be described as the result of a combination of research and daily practice, a success we will continue to build on. The Vertex-Dental Academy is acquiring increasing renown as an institute for education and further training, both nationally and internationally.

Given that the process of making a denture consists of various essential parts, it is important that each aspect receives the attention it deserves. After all, the longer the chain of procedures within a process, the more likely unexpected problems become.

In order to gain insight into such a process, we structured the courses to ensure that all steps are explained clearly and concisely.
The aim of these courses is quality improvement through transferring and sharing knowledge. Both contribute to a predictable end product. Ultimately, this results in cost savings and quality improvements within your laboratory for both people and output.

The Vertex-Dental Academy offers 8 courses tailored for daily practice. We look forward to meeting you at one of our courses.