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Vertex ThermoSens

Vertex-Dental is continuously working on innovations on materials. One of the latest materials that we have developed is Vertex ThermoSens. This material is a polyamide and can be used e.g. on patients with a monomer allergy. It can be used for partial dentures or for full dentures. The combinations are numerous. During this course you will make a partial denture and will learn all the tricks and possibilities.


Why Vertex ThermoSens?

•    Monomer free / non allergic

•    Shrinkage < 1%

•    Unbreakable characteristics

•    Easy to polish and finish

•    No dangereous goods

•    For all type of dentures

Course topics

The course covers the following steps: preparing the teeth, setting up the partial denture, embedding the denture, cleaning the model and the teeth and finally inject. The following steps are also covered, finishing and polishing.



We will demonstrate that this material can be a welcome addition to your current work. If implemented properly you will be able to see all the benefits of Vertex ThermoSens.


Meant for

This course is designed for the denture department, the responsible dental technicians and all denturist.