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Quint Acrylic Teeth



Vertex Teeth Coloured Acrylic


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Vertex TCA

Vertex™ TCA is a teeth coloured acrylic, which can be used for restorations to dentures and frames where an element must be renewed, repaired or permanently fixed.

Vertex TCA powders are available in the following shades:
A2, A3, A3.5
B2, B3
C2, C3
D2, D3
Technical specifications:
Dough time3 minutes
Working time6 minutes
Curing time10 minutes at 55°C and 2.5 bar
Mixing ratio by volume / parts by weight1 ml / 0.95 g liquid (monomer)1.7 g powder (polymer)
Flexural strength81 MPa
Water sorption23 µg/mm3
Solubility3,1 µg/mm3

150 g
75 ml